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GATS introduces as we are the service partner for Mitsubishi Sheet Fed Offset Printing Machine. We are a Team of Engineers from previous Mitsubishi Agency together and started GATS in 2012.All our Engineers are well trained and experienced in all Mitsubishi models. Our team members are having nearly 20 years experience in sheet fed offset Industry. Since 2012 we are installed more than 25 to 60 Mitsubishi machines all over India. Some of our Engineers are trained in MANRoland Germany, Ryobi, Japan. GATS will be able to Install, Overhaul, calibrate and improve the performance of your presses. GATS will able to recondition the machine you purchase from other country or inside India, supply the machines of your choice within the budget and supply of Spares to all models of Mitsubishi Sheet fed offset press. We are the the service team of Mitsubishi Offset Printing machine. We are also dealing all types of offset machinery sales. We are also a sales partner for hytek,Bangalore print finish equipment.
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